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Snow 0 0 3 ; A trip...?
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Ah, bonjour again~. I am sorry for not being around for so long, I seemed to have come down with something after the trip to the onsen. It may have been from all the heat, but I am fine now~.

It is so sad that Quinn has left, it was so fun with her here! I hope everything is alright with Kennedy....

And is seems that I've gotten a new roommate?  I believe your name is Gilbert, oui? I'm terribly sorry if I've gotten it wrong... And I believe I've heard you talking, are you a country as well?

[Action - Closed with Quinn] So hot...
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Kastel laid on one of the beds in his room, his laptop beside him. He was wearing a plain white short-sleeved t-shirt and his swim trunk. The room was pretty cool, but not exactly cold. All day he had laid there, there was a bit of sweat on him which cause his bang to stick to his forehead a bit.

Sighing, he rolled back towards his laptop, trying to get his mind off of the heat. Though, being accused as the panty thief was not helping much...

Snow 0 0 2 ; Onsen
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I see there is a school trip happening  soon, oui? I'll have to start packing soon~...

I have never really liked these kind of things, though, they are far too hot. Hm, perhaps I'll just have to cool it down a little when I get there~? I'm sure there will be others who are like me and take better to the cold, oui?

Ah, I also have my roomates for the trip~. Peter K, Edward, and Demyx, where are you~~? I hope you three don't mind if I keep it cool in our room~?

I hope Monsieur Atem and I can meet up soon and exchange information~.

And perhaps Quinndolyn and I can meet up as well~.

Snow 0 0 1 ; Bonjour~
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Hello students of Red Crayon Academy~!

My name is Kastel and I'm sure it will be lovely to meet you all~. This Academy is a lot different from the one I was at before, I have not heard that any of the students have anything particularly wrong with them...

Anyway~! Does anyone know my roommate? I'm in room 034 in the male dorms. I believe his name is Drozell (sounds interesting~). If by any chance you're reading this, I hope you like the cold~.

So, here are the classes I am signed up for so far~; (I may decide on more, though...)

Here;Collapse )

Are there any other good classes~? I am a third year, by the way.

Oh! I almost forgot!  Where is Quinndolyn~? ♥
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